Batman Hoodie - Vintage Logo



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Retro 70's Batman at it's best. Here is a newsarticle about a guy who got arrested for going to nightclubs dressed as Batman. Thank god he has a spare mask.

I guess I can't have this classic logo on without talking about the Batman tv show from the 70's. I will say I watched it a lot and enjoyed it, but even at age six I kind of got that it was more a joke than anything else. Of course, the movie they made has one of the worst shark attack scenesof all time, which in it's own way is great.

Funny thing is, that movie, as bad as it was, still scored number 4 on this Batman movie ranking list that I find actually pretty accurate. I can't really argue with it.

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  • Light blue hoodie
  • Heavyweight hoodie(SF) thickness material
  • 75% cotton/25% polyester
  • Officially Licensed

Size chart for Batman Hoodie - Vintage Logo TRV-BM1274-AT

Batman Hoodie - Vintage Logo