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Are you a big nerd? Not just in that you’re a hyper-obsessive fan of all things nerdy, but are you physically too large for a large t-shirt? No worries, because Nerd Kung Fu has a huge selection of nerd apparel in 2XL shirts. Whether you’re a fan of Star Trek or Star Wars, Firefly or Flash Gordon, Nerd Kung Fu has some of the coolest t-shirts a larger-than-life person such as yourself can find anywhere on the Internet. Maybe you’re into memes and you want a t-shirt that flaunts your love for Grumpycat. Chances are, whatever you’re into, if it’s nerdy and can go on a t-shirt, Nerd Kung Fu has it. Check out our stock of great xxl nerd shirts. In the words of the great Schwarzenegger: "DO IT NAOUGH!"


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