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Hidden Easter Eggs In Every Disney and Pixar Movie

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When it comes to animated films, few collaborations can come close to the dynamic powerhouse that is Pixar and Disney. Pixar Animation Studios has released a total of 17 films to date with Walt Disney Pictures, kicking things off with Toy Story back in 1995. The team at Oh My Disney recently compiled a video guide that links easter eggs from Toy Story through Finding Dory. Some of the more obvious ones were spotted a long time ago, like in Monster’s Inc, when Boo handed Sully a plush version of Nemo, while other more obscure ones are bound to surprise even the biggest movie buffs. The video was originally shared via Toy Story's Facebook page and from the team over at Oh My Disney. Pixar fans hardly need another reason to re-watch their favorite films, but the news of spotting a cool crossover in these beloved animated films is definitely exciting. Let the easter egg hunting games begin!

Let’s take a closer look at some of these juicy easter eggs sprinkled throughout some of Pixar’s most beloved animated films. The original video that was released by Toy Story titled, "Pixar Easter Eggs" has since generated over 16 million views. For starters, did you know that young Riley Andersen from Inside Out makes a cameo in Finding Dory? Or that Forrest Woodbush from The Good Dinosaur actually showed up in Inside Out. Pixar is known for using its films to hint at future projects on the horizon. Next time you re-watch Finding Dory, keep your eyes peeled for a Coco reference before it hits theaters later this year. The upcoming animated film is inspired by the Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos, and follows the story of a young 12-year-old boy named Miguel. Coco will hit theaters nationwide on Nov. 22.

The Good Dinosaur himself also had a quick appearance in Toy Story, where he can be spotted in the background of a frame. If you look closely, you can see the Good Dinosaur standing alongside a scuba diver, a spaceship, and a soccer ball. Believer it or not, big bad scarer Sully, from Monsters Inc and Monsters University, actually had a sneaky cameo in Brave. An embroidered design of Sully is located on the outside of a bag, complete with Celtic style patterns. The same type of embroidered needlework is shown on a piece of artwork in the hit animated film, Cars. Given that Steve McQueen is such an unforgettable racecar, it makes sense he would also have a quick cameo Toy Story. Just like the Good Dinosaur, Steve McQueen can be seen in the background while kids played with other toys in Toy Story. An unexpected Toy Story character was featured as an easter egg, this time it was none other than as the menacing teddy bear known as Lots-o’-Huggin’. The purple teddy bear was actually shown in the animated film, Up from 2009. When Carl’s house was heading up, up, and away by balloons, Lots can be seen in the bottom corner of the frame.

Doug, one of the cutest animated dogs of all time, was actually mistaken as a vicious beast in Ratatouille. As Ratatouille runs away in fear, Doug's shadow looms alongside the wall, looking like a terrifying, monstrous figure. Poor Doug, he’s just so lovable—it’s pretty much impossible to imagine him being evil. This next one is definitely hard to spot the first time! You’ll probably have to rewind and pause a couple of times in order to find this easter egg. One of the scooters used in Ratatouille can be found amidst heaps of junk in Wall-E. Also, the billboard for Gusteau's restaurant in Ratatouille was reused in Cars, where it was renamed to Gastow's. 

One of the blue cars from, well, Cars, can be spotted in the background of The Incredibles. One of the characters from The Incredibles was featured on the cover of a magazine, which just so happened to be in the hands of a person in the waiting room from Finding Nemo. We mentioned this easter egg earlier, and it’s definitely one of the most blatant of the bunch. Nemo himself was shown in Monster's Inc, when the adorable Boo was passing Sully a bunch of her favorite toys. Coincidentally, one of those plushies just happened to be a super cute clown fish that looks strangely familiar. Sure, that was an easy one, but if you take a closer look, you'd also be able to spot another familiar toy in the background. This time, it’s none other than Jessie from Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3. In another scene from Toy Story, you might be able to spot a few unsuspecting insects that are actually from the movie Antz. And of course, they had to save the best for last—none of the than the Pizza Planet truck. Believe it or not, the Pizza Planet truck has had a cameo in all of the Pixar films except for The Incredibles. Looks like we'll have to start watching some of these animated classics again, stat!

Written by Jade Nicolette

Twitter: @nicolette_style


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