Star Trek Cats T-Shirt - The Purr



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Are you a big Star Trek fan? If so, then this Star Trek Cats The Purr t-shirt is perfect for you! This officially licensed Star Trek tee shirt comes in different sizes and graphic designs that you can choose from. Order the right size and quantity now exclusively here at Nerd Kung Fu.


Even though Star Trek’s plot revolves around space exploration and seeking new worlds, fur pets have also made it aboard the starship. In fact, they don’t call it “cats” but instead refer to them as “tribbles” who make a purring sound similar to cats. A tribble was seen in one episode of Star Trek named The Trouble with Tribbles. Nyota Uhura, portrayed by Nichelle Nichols, was delighted to see a tribble and began to purr as she held it. 


This Purr t-shirt glorifies tribbles in Star Trek and you would be reminded of their cuteness. They are also incapable of harming sentient beings, no wonder they are much loved in this phenomenal series. Show some love for the tribbles by purchasing this Star Trek The Purr Tee shirt now. 



  • Charcoal
  • Standard 18/1 (AT) or Super Soft 30/1 (SF) thickness material
  • 100% cotton
  • Officially Licensed

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Star Trek Cats T-Shirt - The Purr

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