Ace Attorney

Objection! Go for a throwback look with one of these high-quality, full-color printed Ace Attorney t-shirts from your fellow gamer nerds at Nerd Kung Fu. This incredible video game series was initially released for Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, and Wii. It was originally produced by Capcom under the Japanese title, Gyakuten Saiban. Featuring a fun-filled adventure, the first series called Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney was released in 2001. Since then, nine more games have hit the shelves. Whether you’ve played one, or played them all, gamer nerds the world over love this game series so much we couldn’t object to curating this massive collection of Ace Attorney shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, graphic hoodies, and so much more! You won’t be able to resist having your favorite Ace characters emblazoned on your nerdtastic Ace Attorney t-shirts from Nerd Kung Fu!

Ace Attorney T-Shirts