Looking for a cheap t-shirt?

Posted by Dave Inman on 13th Jan 2021

Where to find some great cheap t-shirts!

Regular customers might notice a shortage of shirts in our on sale and cheap categories.  The fact is licenses are expensive and while we try to keep our prices as low as we can we have to charge what we charge.

In the past we featured unlicensed shirts with jokes and fun graphics that, while cheaper, really didn't justify the cost and honestly didn't fit in well with the rest of our collection.  That's why we recently partnered up with some friends of ours who started Five Dollar T-Shirts, a new website that sells shirts literally for $5 (some are $5.50 if the colors are a lot).  We sent a lot of our older one line joke shirts to them (in return for some cool prints of our own) but they have been hard a work creating great shirts of their own.  

I have to admit these shirts are hilarious (I picked up a "Stop telling me how cool the 80s were" t-shirt for myself.  Having been a kid in the 80s it really wasn't that great) and the shirt quality is impressive.  The designs are extremely basic but in truth that seems to be where a lot of people are going for shirt graphics these days (and honestly, what do you want for $5?)  The owner over there told me they just hit 1000 total shirts and it's growing fast with new products added every day.  Check it out today