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Guest Post - Tips For The Perfect Geeky Tattoo

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Photo: https://unsplash.com/photos/_6SV_-lYfl4

Around 45 million people in the United States have a tattoo. This equates to about one in every five adults living in the country. However, with so many people getting inked, it also means that there are so many of the same tattoos. So why not switch it up? Ditch the typical Japanese characters or iconic rock lyrics and find something truly geeky to sport on your body. Check out these tips to nerd it up and find a tattoo that expresses your true geekdom.

Find yourself a geeky artist

When looking to get a tattoo, 49 percent of people consider the reputation of the artist or tattoo studio before making any decisions. Therefore, if you want someone that can bring your nerdiness to life, you’ll need to find a tattoo parlor that is aware of your fandom. Nowadays, tattoo parlors can be found anywhere. You can catch a tattoo artist at a convention, show, or even at a grocery store

However, where you find your artist, be sure to sit down with him or her and simply chat about your favorite Super Smash Bros. character or what happened last week in Game of Thrones. This way you’ll get to know the artist and be able to see if he or she can create the image that you want. You’ll also want to see some sketches of the design before you commit to getting inked.

The placement could be key

Many of us get tattoos without thinking about the consequences of the placement. You will first want to think about your job and your career path to figure out if you would want a tattoo that is always visible. If not, try to get one in an area of your body that is easy to cover with clothing or your hair. Your placement might also be determined by the geeky show, movie, or video game that you’re emulating. 

For example, you’ll want to get the Dark Mark from Harry Potter on your forearm or the Triforce from Legend of Zelda on the back of your hand. However, remember that placement also determines pain. The more nerve endings there are in a particular body part, the more you’ll feel the pain of the needle. Therefore, you should take that into account before deciding where you want to place your geeky tattoo.

Some tattoos for thought

If you want a tattoo, but aren’t sure what you want yet, here are some examples of geeky tattoos for inspiration. For game lovers, you might want to put your favorite console controller on your forearm and wrap around your arm with the controller’s cord. Then, add ink of your favorite video game characters to the cord so that you could have an entire video game piece. For all the movie buffs out there, you can get a TV or movie theater inked on your body and fill it with your favorite movie references or quotes. 

If you’re looking for a couples tattoo, try searching some of the most iconic couples throughout movie or game history. You can have Han Solo and Leia on either arm, Peach or Mario on the back of your legs, or if your love is more insane, try a heart with Harley Quinn on one side and the Joker on the other.

Tattoos should truly express who you are. If you’re a nerd or a geek, show that off with an amazing tattoo. You'll never regret inking what you love.

Written by Jane Sandwood


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