Star Wars T-Shirt - Cool Blue Stormtrooper

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If I could find 100 Stormtrooper t-shirts I would probably stock them all. I remember first time I saw Episode IV as a kid watching the airlock door on the Rebel blockade runner burn down and the coolest, baddest figures ever came through and kicked the crap out of the saucer helmets attempting to defend the ship. The only thing that ever superseded them appeared a few minutes later in the form of Darth Vader, but to this day I have been a fan of Stormtroopers.

I mentioned this on another Star Wars t shirt but didn't link it, so if you have not seen Troops yet I highly recommend you take a few minutes and watch it. Amazingly cool.

The only thing that could make Stormtroopers cooler would be if you could somehow combine them with one of my other favorite genres and, as proof that there is a benevolent force in the universe who is him or herself a nerd, that has happened in the novel Death Troopersby Joe Schreiber. Basically zombie Stormtroopers. Brilliant. Here is a great page that has some pictures of zombie Stormtroopers from ComicCon last year.

If you happen to be cool enough to take the time and effort to make your own Stormtrooper armor you should definitely join the 501st Legion(Vader's Fist). Another thing on my list to do when I get rich or go broke selling these t shirts.

Like most everything else on this site, there is indeed a band called Stormtrooper. However, in an unprecedented difference this punk band actually precedes Star Wars by a couple years.

By the way, the Urban Dictionary has a couple less savory definitions for the word "Stormtrooper". I won't spoil anyone's image by linking them. If you are morbidly curious look it up yourself.


  • Black T shirt
  • Soft 20/1 thickness material
  • 100% cotton
  • Larger fit
  • Officially Licensed

Star Wars T-Shirt - Cool Blue Stormtrooper

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