Sriracha Bottle Lable T-Shirt

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The worldly condiment Sriracha lives on and we got a T-shirt available to prove it! I would wear the shirt out of sheer appreciation; this hot sauce got me through every sad, bland, starchy meal I ever ate in college and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Sriracha was the life source in those days. Hoarded by many, adored by all. This sauce is so legendary, a documentary set out to research and recount its origin story. Sauce.


  • Red heather T shirt
  • Soft 20/1 thickness material
  • 52% cotton/48% polyester
  • Average fit
  • Officially Licensed by Ripple Junction

Sizing chart for Sriracha Bottle Lable T-Shirt RPJ-HSAS2019

Sriracha Bottle Lable T-Shirt