Oregon Trail You have died of dysentery T-Shirt

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When I was a kid my dad thought computers were expensive TV's or something. Of course anything I wanted was always an expensive version of something we already had (like new shoes; dad made mom buy me Traxx, a Kmart brand that was dirt cheap and nigh indestructible, and believe me, I tried to destroy them. She would get them three sized too big and "let me grow into them". I had shoes that lasted me three full grades in school). Anyway, my exposure to computers was my friend Corey on the next block, who had an Apple 2e and was the envy of the neighborhood. We would play Oregon Trail in DOS and loved it. Shocking how often we ended up with exactly this message on the screen.

We would also play it once in a while in the computer lab in high school, but time on the computers was at a premium and we had important programs to write, usually designed to repeat cuss words on the screen infinitely. Then my friend Steve found some HiRez pornographic cartoons and put them up on every green screen monitor in the classroom while a class was in session. Good times.

Anyway, this game was a lot of fun, in spite of being very educational. Floppy disk gaming at it's best. Looking back I now realize how funny it was too, which is why I love this t shirt.


  • Black T shirt
  • Super soft 30/1 thickness material
  • 100% cotton
  • Average fit
  • Officially Licensed

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Oregon Trail You have died of dysentery T-Shirt