Melrose Place

Melrose Place was, of course, the major spinoff from Beverly Hills, 90210.  It was part of Fox's propaganda campaign to convince the rest of the country that living in Los Angeles was amazing (when you are young, beautiful, and rich).  People who lived in and around Melrose in the early 90's can surely tell you a much different tale but like most shows Melrose Place relies heavily on suspension of disbelief.  

In that vein the building featured in the show was no where near Melrose but rather in Los Feliz, and upscale LA neighborhood.  If you try to go to the actual address from the show you will find some fine shopping experiences including a Marc Jacobs store.  

The show is known for cattiness, on and off screen romance, the first almost gay character, and lots and lots of parties.  It was eventually cancelled because no one believed that all these people would continue to live in a tiny apartment after seven years.  When it was cancelled snow globes filled with Melrose Place pool water sold for up to $300 each on eBay (no joke).  In 2009 Fox tried to reboot the series but it tanked.  

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