MacGyver is a bit of a hero to most older nerds.  He does pretty much what all nerds wish their intellects would allow them to do: solve crimes, save the world, rescue (and get) the girl.  Unfortunately those opportunities are rarer than you would think so we have to just enjoy this show.  

Believe it or not but there is a real life MacGyver; show consultant John Koivula gemologist and scientific jack of all trades.  They would literally give him a logical problem and he would come up with the MacGyver solution.  Of course they would often eliminate steps in order to keep people at home from attempting it and possibly blowing themselves up.  The show would also pay fans a bounty for coming up with cool MacGyver solutions although only a few of those did not suck.  

There is an episode where MacGyver confronts some evil poachers and a rhino is killed.  The scene was so realistic that many viewers called in to complain.  However in true MacGyver fashion the rhino killed was actually a $4000 prosthetic.  

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