Keep Calm and Bacon Nom Nom T-Shirt



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  • Red T shirt
  • Standard 18/1 thickness material
  • 100% cotton
  • Average fit

Who doesn’t love bacon? Well, vegetarians perhaps. But deep down inside I bet they love it in the same way I love women who want nothing to do with me. The human brain is weird.

There’s a sushi place down in Santa Cruz that puts bacon on sushi. Amazing. I also found this article on Weird Bacon Products. I think the weird part is that anyone thought they were weird. They all sound delicious to me. Bacon ice cream? Sign me up.

There are a lot of vegan and vegetarian restaurants around here. This would be the perfect shirt for dinning in at one of them. Also if you are ever go to a really fine restaurant it’s fun to screw with the waiter by asking for bacon bits on things that have no business with bacon on it. “Yes, I’ll have the Filet Mignon with Rich Balsamic Glaze. Oh, and could you sprinkle bacon bits on that please?” Hilarious.

Sizing chart for Keep Calm and Bacon Nom Nom T-Shirt TLN-10112


Keep Calm and Bacon Nom Nom T-Shirt