Funny T-Shirt - Shut Up and Let Me Practice My People Skills

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Shut up and practice my people skills is the eternal inner mantra for people like me who don't really talk very much at all. Yet, when I try, a 'well meaning' friend or family member decides to talk over me and shoves words in my mouth, compeletely deviating whatever I was trying to say! Talk about annoying. Despite that, I still can't bring myself to even try to redominate the conversation and drift off into silence instead.

I really can't stand it when people do that. Let me talk! This t shirt is one of those perfect shirts to 'silently' shout those points out to anyone able to read.

This is for all us folks who are socially awkward and too polite to tell people to shut the ---- up! Cheers!

On the other hand, this t shirt is a looser fit and a supersoft breathable blend of cotton that may make you go even more silent- too busy self-cuddling.

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  • Black T shirt
  • Soft 30/1 thickness material
  • 100% cotton pre shrunk
  • Larger fit

Funny T-Shirt - Shut Up and Let Me Practice My People Skills