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Another great shirts for musicians and fans of music, not to mention posers and guys who play a lot of Guitar Hero. This shirt is perfect in the sense of looking like you are in the music inside scene without trying too hard. This shirt is also one of my more expensive shirts, but it is a really high quality garment (not to mention it looks like Fender want's a lot for it's name).

 Fender was founded by Leo Fender (after inventing the electric guitar) in my old home city of Fullerton (after we moved away from beach town hell). Fullerton is kind of a weird town. It is called the Education City because it has five colleges, although none of them are very well known, and one of them is a law school, so really it's like 2.5 colleges. I can't say anything bad about the junior college there as my mom taught there for like 20 years and would probably beat me with a shoe if I did. Also I can't say too much bad about the town itself as my brother-in-law is a cop there and if I did odds are my sister would beat me with the other shoe.

You know, I lived there for 10 years and just now, while looking for something interesting about it, discovered that Fullerton has a strip club called California Girls. Thank god I didn't discover it when I was 19 or I would probably be broke and still living down there.

I also just discovered in an attempt to ditch the perception that Fullerton is a boring city they are hostingAirport and Safe Boating Day, so if you aren't into the strip club you can have fun learning about water safety.

Anyway, back to Fender. If you want to trip out check out this image of the Fender Factory in Fullerton. That's a lot of purple. I also found these all important instructions on How to Destroy Your Guitar, in case you want to be a rock rebel like Paul Simonon.


  • Black T shirt
  • Super soft 30/1 thickness material
  • 100% cotton
  • Normal fit
  • Officially Licensed

Fender Black T-Shirt