Episode 42: Adventures in Cryptocurrency plus more Star Wars and Dungeons and Dragons

Episode 42: Adventures in Cryptocurrency as well as more Star Wars: Last Jedi and Dungeons and Dragons

Dave and Joren have dove into the cryptocurrency pond and are here to talk about the results (generally very good) and especially their favorite DragonChain (DRGN).  They talk about how to buy and what their new strategies are.

Then it wouldn't be a current NerdKungFu podcast if they didn't bitch about Star Wars: the Last Jedi more.  They both found more plot holes and reasons to be haters in spite of the general appeal of the movie.  They also talk about how this film is dropping faster than a DC movie so take that for what you will.  

Joren continues to work to eradicate the gnoll race in Dungeons and Dragons and is here to talk about his latest episode.  Dave is full of sage gamer advice ("shoot the closest enemy") and the get a bit into dice an probability (which Dave knows way too much about for a man who hopes to date a women).  Enjoy!