Dennis the Menace

Mischievous and laugh out loud funny, it seems like practically everyone has a soft spot for Dennis the Menace. The comic strip originally launched in March 1951, and still releases new additions to the series to this date. Comic book artist Hank Ketchum illustrates and writes the series. The family-friendly story makes it easy for everyone to relate to, and it takes place in a middle-class suburb in Wichita, Kansas. Several years after its release, a television show was rumored to be in the works. The television series originally aired in 1959 on CBS, and played right before The Ed Sullivan Show on Sunday nights. Jay North brings Dennis to life, and the television show centers on the everyday adventures of Dennis and the Mitchell family. Herbert Anderson plays his father, Henry Mitchell, and Gloria Henry plays his mother, Alice. Dennis is known for being hilarious and energetic, and always known for getting into trouble, especially with his next door neighbor. Joseph Kearns plays George Wilson, who prefers a quiet life and often gets disturbed by Dennis the Menace's antics. Go for a retro-inspired look with one of these Dennis the Menace t-shirts, featuring Dennis up to no good.

Dennis the Menace T-Shirts