Casper the Friendly Ghost Bald and Sexy T-Shirt



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This shirt is a tribute to my friends with no hair. I am not a fan of Casper. He always struck me as kind of lame, and got lamer as time and the live action movies go a hold of him. Of course, talking about Casper the Friendly Ghost begets the question how did Casper the friendly little kid die? According to most sources, it was of pneumonia and his full name was Casper McFadden. At one point, in order to avoid the question, the studios tried to make it like he was born a ghost because his parents were ghosts. At another point they tried to say he was just a creature, like a ghoul. Lame.

The best rumor was started by the Disney Studio after they failed to gain control of the character. They started saying that Casper was a kid experimented on by Josef Mengele in a Nazi death camp. I love finding proof that beloved Disney is a lot more evil than most people think.

On the subject of beloved companies that have a darker history than most people think, lets talk about the Red Cross. I have personal, family issues with them (I donate blood regularly to Blood Centers of the Pacific, a great charity that also happens to have a really cute Philippino phlebotomist working there. Good snack bar too), but the historical fact is they provided Josef Mengele with the documents he used to escape Germany and live for 34 freaking years in Argentina. Dumbasses.

Also, amazing full circle writing job, Dave!

Anyway, my personal favorite theory (as related in an episode of the Simpsons, but I had heard it before) is that Casper the Friendly Ghost is the spirit of the departed Richie Rich (another comic that always kind of bugged me).


  • White T shirt
  • Super soft 30/1 thickness material
  • 100% cotton
  • Large fit
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Casper the Friendly Ghost Bald and Sexy T-Shirt