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Another shirt that I am not sure why I ordered. I really should take notes when I write PO's. I will admit I have a nostalgic feeling when I see it, as the restaurant we would go to as a kid from 8 years old through high school was Bob's Big Boy. Before that it was the incredibly racist Sambos restaurant. They have cleaned up their act quite a bit, but I can still remember the racist art on the wall.

I also remember my mom telling me to try the back door to see what happened and then laughing her ass off at me when the alarm went off and I crawled under the table in embarrassment.

In the navel battle that was my childhood my father was the battleship, dropping Volkswagon sized shells in my lap from across the horizon, but my mom was the submarine, sneaking up behind me and launching torpedoes at my ass when I least expected it. Good thing I am so well adjusted today.

Anyway, Bob's makes a good hamburger. And if there is one thing I have leaned while working on this site, if there is an American icon out there, no matter how odd or obscure, someone has it tattooed to their body.


    • Black T shirt
    • Standard 18/1 thickness material
    • 100% cotton
    • Average fit
    • Officially Licensed

Sizing chart for Bob's Big Boy T-Shirt TLN-BB06

Bob's Big Boy T-Shirt