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Walter at his best.

Interestingly enough, the exact length of time that Shabbas (or Shabbos) can last varies quite a bit. It starts at sundown on Friday night and lasts until three stars are visible on Saturday night. During that time you are supposed to relax, contemplate the spiritual aspects of life, and spend time with the family. Three ritual meals are eaten. Overall it sounds pretty good to me. Of course, for spiritual contemplation I refer you to the Church of Spock category under TV show t-shirts on this site.

In college I went out with a Jewish girl who was really into her religion and observed Shabbos carefully. This was a bit of a pain for her as part of her observation was she couldn't use electronics during Shabbos, and the dorms we were living in had electronic key locks. She was the hottest girl in the mechanical engineering program (usually not much of a statement, but she had that slightly Eastern exotic Israeli look that drove me crazy). She also was a case study in how girls normally dress in college: at the beginning of the semester she wore dresses and looked uber hot; by the end she wore sweats constantly.

In retrospect, I regret not pursuing her more. She was a cool girl and I believe would have been willing to do my laundry, which is something you don't pass up on every day. She transferred to another school and we lost touch.


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Big Lebowski T-Shirt - I Don't Roll on Shabbas