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The first bacon shirt I brought in did so well I had to jump on this one. Also, I recently brought in a bacon and egg scarf from Yummi You that sold out in the first week, so I guess there are fans of bacon out there.

Bacon used to be the king of the food pyramid, but now it is the downtrodden unwanted step child. Sure, it's loaded with grease and saturated fat, but it's sooooo good. When you think about it, people are really weird about food. I have a friend who absolutely refused to eat bacon based on the idea that it is so bad for you, but she has no problem with chocolate, which has it's own set of problems. Every jackass I meat who is a food dictator seems to have no problem with caffeine, an addictive drug with lots of negative side effects.

 I found a device called the Bacon Wave that allows you to cook your bacon in a microwave and is supposed to be a lot healthier. Problem is, whenever I eat turkey bacon or bacon treated to be somehow "healthier" it always ends up "less tasty".

The irony of modern eating is the best tasting stuff is always the unhealthiest. It's like if strychnine tasted like candy.

Let's assume for a moment the worst happens and the food nazis win? What, then, will the bacon industry do to keep in business? Here is a list of some other uses for bacon that I bet a lot of you never considered.

By the way, bacon slapping is a game we used to play back in college, although not as much as the circle game. We played that game for years. The tricks we developed to get people to look at the circle were ingenious. We did it a lot while skating a lot, so the best trick was to fall, pretend to be injured, and when your friend would come to check it out make the circle on your leg.

I was decent at it, but my friends were ungodly good. Lets just say I ended up with a sore arm pretty much every night. I highly recommend all kids start playing this game, as it teaches a lot about trickery, peripheral vision, and causing (or receiving) pain. Nothing sharpens the learning curve like getting punched in the arm over and over again.

Ha ha ha. Here is a hilarious remix of the Bacon is Good for me video. Glad to see actual creativity out there for once, instead of stuff like long, rambling t-shirt descriptions with links to other stuff.

September 13th, 2010


  • White T shirt
  • Standard 18/1 thickness material
  • 100% cotton pre shrunk
  • Larger fit

Bacon T-Shirt - I Love Bacon