Ant-Man T-Shirt - Black Ant



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At first glance, this tee might just look like a simple graphic of an ant, but when you take a closer look, you can actually find the words “Ant-Man” written on the body of the ant. Played by Paul Rudd, Scott Lang is the forerunner of Marvel's film adaptation of the Ant-Man series. A former criminal, Lang works to save the world with the mind-shatteringly powerful Ant-Man suit. The original suit was designed by Hank Pym, long before Ant-Man himself took over, and it magically shrinks the wearer into minuscule scale, all the while enhancing the user's physical strength. Ant-Man takes on the evil Darren Cross, who sets out to inflict terror across the world with his Yellowjacket suit. With an Ant-Man and the Wasp sequel in the works, it looks like this tee will be a popular pick for any Marvel fan.


  • Royal blue T shirt
  • Super soft 30/1 thickness material
  • 50% polyester/25% cotton/25% Rayon
  • Average fit
  • Officially Licensed

Sizing chart for Ant-Man T-Shirt - Black Ant IMP-ANT13

Ant-Man T-Shirt - Black Ant