Angry Kitty T-Shirt



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Never mind Hello Kitty, it's all about the angry kitty. People say that Grumpy Cat only knows one expression: grumpy. But those who think that are wrong. Indeed, Grumpy Cat knows a wealth of expressions and emotions. He can be annoyed kitty, touchy kitty, a grouchy ball of fur and a moody kitty. This plethora of emotions means that there is a lot more depth to Grumpy Cat than people may have once assumed. What is a universal truth, however, is that if your cat gives any inclination of being a bit of a grumpy cat, you need to stay away.


    • Silver T shirt
    • Super soft 30/1 thickness material
    • 100% cotton pre shrunk
    • Average fit

Sizing chart for Angry Kitty T-Shirt TLN-GR131

Angry Kitty T-Shirt