Alien Weyland-Yutani Android Logo T-Shirt

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Most of us grew up loving the Alien trilogy and the two Predator movies. When the two suddenly were combined in Alien vs Predator, most of our dreams came true. This was done so much better than Jason vs Freddie that an entire culture appeared fighting over whether they prefer the alien or the predator. And other movies, which takes us right the way to the start of Alien, are also developing at the moment. With out Alien Weyland-Yutani Android t-shirt, you show that you are a part of this new AVP culture and that you have your own personal preference as well.


  • Black T shirt
  • Super soft 30/1 thickness material
  • 100% cotton
  • Average fit preshrunk
  • Officially Licensed

Sizing chart for Alien Weyland-Yutani Android Logo T-Shirt TLN-AL06

Alien Weyland-Yutani Android Logo T-Shirt