Alchemy Gothic Poster - Zombie



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  • 21"x62" poster
  • Rolled

Back in 1988 there was a movie called Nekromatik that was about a street sweeper who brings home a corpse for his wife only to discover she prefers the corpse to him. The Germans are weird.

Actually when you think about it the countries we beat in WWII are both kind of weird. Germans it’s corpse and Japan it’s tentacles. I wonder if there is some kind of sociological reason for it. Like if we lost we’d all be into some weird thing like My Little Pony. Oh, wait. That’s happening. Forget about it.

The funniest part is in Nekromatik 2 the “hero” of Nekromantik 1 is still around, albeit in pieces. I don’t think you need to actually see these films to get any more than I just gave you.

Alchemy Gothic Poster - Zombie