Albert Einstein I'm with stupid X2 T-Shirt

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Possibly the greatest inspiration for nerds everywhere, Einstein was what every nerd wishes to be; insanely smart, recognized, successful, and apparently a ladies man. He was married twice, fathered an illegitimate child, and had numerous affairs. Check out Einstein's secret life.

Apparently physics and relativity were easier to understand than women. I can't say as I disagree. By the way, on my blog I am giving advice to nerd guys on how to meet and date women. You wouldn't think I was remotely qualified based on my dating experienced as I relate them one shirt at a time here, but if there is one thing I know it's how to learn things the hard way. I am actually a dating expert of sorts, but my expertise has been hard forged on the anvil of dating pain.

One thing Einstein didn't do to impress the ladies was dress snappily. He had seven identical outfits that he would wear on each day in order to not have to dedicate any thought to what to wear on any given day. That's dedication. I have a similar system, except instead of wearing the same outfits every day I grab the first t-shirt off the clean pile. Naturally, all my t-shirts are very cool. What's the point of having a web site dedicated to to selling t-shirts if you can't grab the coolest shirts possible for yourself?


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Albert Einstein I'm with stupid X2 T-Shirt