Metalocalypse T-Shirts and Graphic Tees

For those who love some American and Scandinavian death-metal, no doubt love themselves some Dethklok. Over the course of four seasons Metalocalypse fans, like us here at Nerd Kung Fu watched as this band of misfit morons wreaked havoc the world over. There isn’t a product they couldn’t push, or concert goers they couldn’t maim or kill! Yet, we still love their antics to this day, which is why Nerd Kung Fu has gathered some of our favorite Metalocalypse t-shirts here on our site for you head bangers to enjoy! If you’re a lover of all things death-metal than these Nerd Kung Fu Metalocalypse shirts will quickly become your new favorite way to upset the Tribunal. Especially for the next time that you want to give Thunderhorse a shot on Guitar Hero. Good luck with that one!

Metalocalypse T-Shirts