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Reefer Madness T-Shirt

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Reefer Madness


 Product Description

Reefer Madness T-Shirt

This is a great shirt, and the movie has a funny history. It was originally filmed as a church-financed morality film called "Tell Your Children". However, it got bought out by some guy who re-cut it as an exploitation film and called it Reefer Madness. Now it's totally hilarious.

I had any number of friends in collage who either bought or sold pot. Not for a job, but they would get hooked up and share the wealth at a modest profit. I remember with less than fondness one night driving to Hollywood from Big Bear (how I was stuck in Big Bear is a whole different story) so my roommate could buy pot. Of course he didn't tell me what we were doing until we were in hour two of the three hour drive. The whole sequence of events that evening has escaped my memory, but somehow we ended up eating pancakes at Norms at 3:30am. Long night. I think that was the night I got my first tattoo, but I'm not sure. A lot of the nights that summer kind of bled together, if you know what I mean.

I don't actually smoke pot, as I'm afraid I will lose all motivation in life and my t-shirt descriptions will turn into one line garbage, but it is getting easier and easier to buy pot in California, especially here in Oakland. Just get a doctors prescription for some "illness" (Ow, my glaucoma!) and go to any number of shops that sell it. You can even buy pot online these days. It's kind of surreal.

I hate sounding like one of the pot legalization advocates, but the fact that pot is illegal is kind of stupid. Pot was outlawed for any number of political and profit based reasons, none of which were really scientific. Exploitation films like the one this description is for helped cement public opinion against marijuana.

One issue I have with marijuana is I can't for the life of me I can't spell the word. I have to look it up every time, which is why I tend to default to pot. I know there is a u in there somewhere, but never seem to put in in the right place.

In college I used to spend a lot of time in the sculpture studio, which was split into the ceramics area and the metal/wood are, but we shared an outdoor area where all the kilns were. I mostly worked in wood and metal, but was friends with a lot of the ceramics people. The thing is, at least half the ceramics production was dedicated to bongs of one type or another. Seriously, if you opened a kiln and saw a ceramic frog sitting there odds were you could find a vent hole in his head and smoke pot out of his mouth (kiss the frog). The best was this guy who was really good at mold casting. He made a perfect mold of a .45 handgun and cast hundreds of pipes out of it with the screen at the ejection port and you would smoke from the barrel. He had his metal glazes so perfect that they looked like real guns. Many a disconcerting moment would be had by going back there at night and seeing a circle of five or six people with one looking like he or she was about to blow their own brains out. He also cast a sawed off shotgun that in its own way looked more scary.

Well, I just learned something about pot smokers: stoners make make the worst flash games ever. Seriously, I just looked at a half dozen and each one was worse than the one before. The best I found was Hemp Tycoon by friends to all nerds Adult Swim. It's kind of dumb, but weirdly intriguing. I can see why this appeals to pot smokers.

Before growing pot was legalized in California there was this shop on Market that sold hydroponic supplies. The funny thing is they had a big sign that featured a really rastafarai guy with dreads and all the accouterments holding a hoe and...a tomato plant. I guess all the best tomatoes are grown under a sun lamp in your closet.

February 1st, 2011


  • Navy T shirt
  • Soft 20/1 thickness material
  • 100% cotton pre shrunk
  • Anvil blank
  • Average fit
  • Officially Licensed

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